Hello and Welcome to Accounting 1010 – Foundations of Accounting Spring 2022!

The textbook we will be using this semester is called The MAP and it is purchased through the Ohio University Printing Services website.

  • For those of you that have already done this, THANK YOU! 
  • For those of you that have not, please read the remainder of this post CAREFULLY and order at your earliest convenience.
  • The PDF copy of Modules 1 and 2 of The Map are attached below. You may need to print out each module and bring it to class with you until your copy of the book arrives.

There are two options to receive The MAP

  1. You may choose the “Pick-up” option. This option will allow you to pick-up your copy from Copeland Hall, on the Athens Campus, during the first week of class. Logistics are still being worked out, so more details on Pick-up option are to follow.


  1. You may choose the “Shipped” option.  This option will result in The MAP being mailed to the address entered during the ordering process.  Please note:  a shipping charge will be added to your order total.

Ordering instructions to for The MAP:

  1. Please go to:  https://www.ohio.edu/printing
  1. Scroll down and click the “ORDER NOW” button

3. Click “The MAP” under Categories

4. Select the “Pick-Up” or “Shipped” option

5. PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose the “Shipped” option, you must select “UPS Shipping”  (includes tracking). US Postal Service Shipping is not available.

  1. Fill in the requested information (See screen shots in order below: PICK-UP, SHIP-US Postal Service, SHIP-UPS).

7. Review your cart and click “Checkout”

8. Enter your credit card information and click “Continue Checkout”

9. Confirm your information is correct and click “Submit Payment.”  Please Note:  This example was for “Pick UP” so there is no shipping charged.

10. You will receive a confirmation email with your order number to the email address provided.