Hello and Welcome to Accounting 1010 – Foundations of Accounting Spring 2023!

Exam 2, Thursday, March 9, 7-9 pm

Room  Assignments

            Section 101 (MWF 10:45 am)  All students   Bentley 236

            Section 102 (MWF 12:55 pm)  All students      Bentley 227

            Section 103 (MWF 2:00 pm)    All students Bentley 233

            Section 104  (TTH 11 am)      Last name beginning A-K        Copeland 112

                                                              Last name beginning L-Z        Copeland 107

            Section 105 (TTH 12:30 pm)      All students         Copland 104 (overflow to Cope 112)

The textbook we will be using this semester is called The MAP and it is purchased through the Ohio University Printing Services website. Please note: each semester textbook changes so you must purchase and use the current version.

  • For those of you that have already done this, THANK YOU! 
  • For those of you that have not, please read the attached instructions CAREFULLY and order at your earliest convenience

On the first day of class you will receive a copy of Module 1 containing the material covered the first week of class.